Our business started because we felt confident about sharing our experience with others. The name Cape Byron Marketing was chosen because it was where we felt privileged to live and it had such strong family connections. Our business services offer strategies and fundamentals we know deliver results. We believe that measurement in business is the key to success, so we measure everything!

We have been successful in establishing and managing multiple businesses from Noosa to Sydney. They have included retail, technology, viticulture, manufacturing, hospitality, food traceability and renewable energies. We have met some great people along the way and made lifelong friends. Our diverse experience has led to a solid understanding of the key fundamentals of business and how to achieve success. Our strength lies in producing tailored strategies that deliver tangible and measurable results.

Kim Dewar – a little background info

“I am a local girl, born at the Byron Bay Hospital and educated at Mullumbimby High. My grandfather was one of the first settlers in Byron Bay setting up beef trading and a butcher’s outlet. This must be where my love of people and business started, it’s genetic!”

“I love interacting with people and I am fascinated by their buying patterns and connections with businesses. I have been involved with customer relationship management for all of my working life and have achieved great success through many campaigns by asking the right questions.”

“Having children has given me patience, the ability to listen and not beat around the bush. Weekly Yoga also helps calm the nerves when we are very busy. My other great loves are singing, cooking and writing.”